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Tpad PBX is part of a UK based IT and telephony group

Tpad PBX, is a part of a UK IT, ISP and Telephony Group. The group was founded in 1996 by private investment and has offices in the UK, Pakistan, Hong Kong and worldwide call centres.

The Supanet brand was the first to be established, soon to become one of the UK's largest internet home users connectivity providers (ISP). Over the years Supanet has broadened its product offering to deliver solutions to small businesses. Supanet now provides additional internet connectivity and associated products such as broadband, business broadband, anti virus software's, web hosting, e-commerce shops and phone packages.

Tpad was formed in 2005 and specialises in offering bespoke Business Class Telephony Solutions for SMEs at competitive prices which is vital in today's challenging economy. Tpad is rapidly being adopted as the leading low cost International Phone Network.

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