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Tpad provides affordable, simple, reliable, flexible and expandable communication solutions for your business.

Tpad's PBX system is a one-stop solution to meet your communication needs and improve your productivity. Benefits to be gained include effective network management, cost control and greater overall business efficiency.

Tpad PBX is an advanced telephone system that gives business customers advanced enterprise telephony features and grows with their business. New extensions and new offices can be added without disruption, there is no cabling or infrastructure requirements since the Tpad PBX utilises the organisations existing data network. If the organisation moves premises, all they need is an internet connection and their communications will be up and running.

The Tpad PBX offers advanced features such as an automated receptionist, call transfer, call
PBX stands for Private Branch eXchange. The purpose of a PBX is to handle multiple phone lines, more lines than the lines originally purchased and paid for from your local supplier.

PBX systems are based on the premise that only ten percent of the employees would be required to make outside calls at the same time. Instead of buying individual phone lines for each employee, a PBX system can be installed whereby each phone only needs an extension and not a phone number.

Every telephone set is wired to the PBX, using standard cables. To make outside calls, the employee only needs to take the receiver off the hook and dial an access code (usually 9 or 0), PBX connects him to an outside line. PBX takes care of all the calls from desk to desk within the company.

forwarding, voicemail to email, no line rental as phones use the internet, geographic independence, free calls between the organisations sites and a wide range of management tools.


Cost is one of the primary factors when small companies decide to buy and answering service. With the minimal set-up cost & affordable monthly charges, this is the ideal solution for any SME. Tpad PBX's features reduced the need for salaried staff answering calls.


All Tpad software has been purposely designed to be used by non-technical staff (Receptionist etc.) so that cost can be cut and used elsewhere in the business. There is no need to spend on recruiting and managing expensive IT staff.


Tpad takes care of your PBX solution with free online support and monitoring 24 X 7 Tpad provides free training with online flash training videos and installation guides. A support team will be available 24hours incase of any technical problem which can not be handled by the company's existing staff.


When your business increases, Tpad increases with you, simply add more extensions and groups. There is no need to buy an elaborate system now if you don't need it, but it would be useless to invest in a system which can not be expanded when your business grows. Tpad can be easily expanded as and when you require and at the rate at which you want it to expand.
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