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Low cost telephone solutions for SME to large businesses

Tpad PBX is an advanced telephone system that gives business customers advanced enterprise telephony features and grows with their business. New extensions and new offices can be added without disruption, there is no cabling or infrastructure requirements since the Tpad PBX utilises the organisations existing data network. If the organisation moves premises, all they need is an internet connection and their communications will be up and running.

The Tpad PBX offers advanced features such as an automated receptionist, call transfer, call forwarding, voicemail to email, geographic independence, free calls between the organisation's sites and a wide range of management tools.

Businesses have control over their phone system

A business has control over its phone system, so that routine actions such as adding an extension, changing announcements, adding IVR menus, setting call forwards or diverts can be carried out using the web based portal by non IT staff.

Total call management

A business has control by individual extension or a group of extensions the destinations that employees are allowed to call. Destinations can be blocked both inbound and outbound. Departments can even have telecom budgetary limitations applied to its extensions if required.

Total control of inbound and outbound calls

A business can determine how and by whom its inbound calls are answered using IVR menus and hunt groups. This is particularly useful if a group of businesses are running from the same location. A business can also control the outbound caller ID (CLI) that is transmitted by its extensions.

IP Phone to IP Phone Calls (Office to Office / Extension to Extension)

Calls between Tpad PBX extensions are free of charge and unlimited regardless of where they are in the World.

Remote working from any location

Enable staff to work outside the office by providing them with a personal Tpad PBX extension for home or alternative location. The only requirement is an internet connection.

Improved Flexibility / Scalability

New sites / offices can be set up and running in minutes and not weeks. Moving from one location to another is as simple as unplugging your IP handsets from one place to your new office regardless of wherever in the world you move to.

Powerful call reporting

Using the Tpad PBX portal a business has access to its detailed Call Data Records (CDRs). The CDRs give a business visibility by day, week and month to the usage statistics of each extension on its Tpad PBX.

Reduced call costs

While saving on calls is no longer the primary driver for adopting Tpad PBX, it can be a prime factor for organisations that have multiple offices requiring frequent voice communication, so not having to pay for that communication can reduce a large amount from an organisation's operational budget.

Local Presence

Tpad PBX systems allow you access to local virtual numbers in cities where you are not physically located which allows you to create a virtual presence or open a virtual office in New York or the UK for example.

Call recording and monitoring

As a business, increase productivity by using live call monitoring and call recordings to train staff and optimize performance.
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