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Save money and increase efficiency with this feature rich PBX system

Name of PBX Feature
Description / Advantages of Feature
Auto-Attendant (IVR)
Allows you to personalise your own IVR Phone Menu e.g. Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support, Press 3 for Enquiry. Simply record the message and add to your PBX with just a click of a button. One of our most powerful features that can be utilised by any staff member (no skill / technical knowledge involved).
Normal Voicemail plus Voicemail-to-your-Email
Allows you to access your personal voicemail's from either your Phone or Personal Email Address. It is a small mp3 file that will play in your media player. You could save and archive all your voicemails and store on your PC. Includes voicemail indicator and a number of custom settings via an easy to use IVR menu.
Simply pick any .mp3 music file you want and add to any of the IVR Menus while the caller is waiting. Just drag and drop file to the Call Management Software. This is great way to add support / sales advice as an .mp3 file and have it played to caller while they are on hold. Play different .mp3's depending on what menu is chosen...e.g. Support could play the top 5 solutions of common problems.
Advanced Call Forwarding
Never miss a call again with this feature. Staff can use their own Call Management Portal to set call forwarding to any internal extension or to any external phone / mobile number in the World. You could allow your staff to work from home or if they are on a business trip as all call on their extension will follow them on the number they have set call forwarding to.
Support for all future VoIP Devices (IP/ATA/PC Phone/ WiFi Mobiles)
Tpad allows you to use any type of VoIP Device (ATA / IP Phone / Softphone / WiFi Mobile) to make VoIP Calls anywhere in the world. You can use low cost hardware without sacrificing call quality, another cost benefit from Tpad. Tpad also allows you to make FREE VoIP Calls to other Tpad Extensions anywhere around the World using any type of VoIP Device. Setup Tpad PBX in all your worldwide offices and benefit from UNLIMITED FREE CALLS - ALL DAY - ANY DAY -ANYWHERE with superb digital call quality.
DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing)
Do you have more staff then you do phone lines? Then simply assign an inbound telephone number to a member of staff. So easy to setup.
Branch Office Support
Purchase a Tpad PBX for all your offices worldwide and benefit from FREE Calls between branches on any VoIP Device.
Call Return
Allows staff to "call return" callers who have left a voicemail as their number is recorded. Save on Administration time trying to find out customer's telephone numbers. Staff can ring back straightaway with a touch of a button.
Report Exporting (.csv / .pdf)
Easy to use reporting tools, allows you to save call records in any format to be opened with Excel.
Custom Caller IDs
Customise your inbound Caller ID / Name to any department.
IVR Authentication
Password Protect your Auto Attendant Menu.
Upload Voice Prompts
Upload professional quality pre-recorded voice prompts to your IVR Menu.
Unlimited Call Queues
Multiple features include - hold time, caller limits, call priorities and many more features.
Full Featured A.C.D.
ACD = Automated Call Distribution. Route incoming calls to staff in multiple ways.
Skills-based Routing
Prioritizes Calls that require skilled staff to take.
Agent Call Recording
Allows you to record any amount of calls at anytime of day.
Extension Grouping
Group staff into extensions based on skill / responsibility / access level etc...
On-the-Fly Recording
Staff can record calls with just the touch of a button and reply back when needed.
Call Monitoring
Team Leaders have ability to monitor any inbound or outbound call and actively barge or passively monitor the call.
Web Access to Recordings
Simply view all your call recording in a Browser no need for complicated software.
DND (Do NOT Disturb)
Do not Disturb Feature.
Put persistent callers who time waste your staff's valuable time on a blacklist so their calls do not go through.
Speed dial functions
Set common numbers to speed dial keys to save time on dialing international / long code numbers.
Backup & Restore
Single Click Backup and Restore
Follow Me
Staff can receive calls no matter where their location and all calls will be forwarded to their extension.
Routing by DIDs
Your business may have several numbers for different offices / zones. Tpad has the ability to route by DIDs, you can direct calls to a different call IVR menu based on the inbound number.
Name Directory
Callers can spell the last 3 letters using the keypad of the employees first or last name and they will be instantly connected to correct staff. This is great if a caller only knows the name of a support / sales staff, so they can bypass the receptionist and save valuable time.
Ring-All (Blast Group)
Tpad lets you create a group of extensions that will ring automatically when an incoming call appears, therefore the first person to pick up a phone will answer. This virtually eliminates callers from hearing a busy tone, as the call will be picked up by an operator who is not busy. This will maximise the efficiency of your business as the calls will be evenly distributed among staff.
Agent Variable Log-off
Automatically log staff out of their queues upon a missed call.
Agents on Cell Phones
Remote staff can take calls on mobiles or normal landlines at home and the caller will not be aware.
Agents Shared across Sites
Allows you to assign calls to other sites if your capacity has been reached.
Print Extensions
Print lists of all your extensions. Another tool for looking for extensions in areas with no internet access.
Powerful Reporting
A full set of easy to use reporting tools which allows you to make simple yet effective reports.                                                               
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